MEC Rear Sight Biathlon Expert

Product number: 101863

Bitahlon sight with snow flap: - Guid...

Weight: 0.5 kg

Bitahlon sight with snow flap:

- Guide elements of stainless steel

- Spindles and locking disks hardened

- wide clamps for mounting

- 10 click, per click 2 mm on 50 Meters

- Material mix of anodised aluminium and stainless steel

- Snow flap

- Roller guided adjustment knobs


Version "Expert + Filter":

- like sight Biathlon Expert

- with exchangeable color filter carrier

- Filter can be removed in position



The first glance is followed by an enthusiasm for detail.

In biathlon, in contrast to Olympic rifle shooting, completely different demands are made on a diopter. The handling of weapons is rough, the influences such as humidity, cold and salt are extreme. Lighting conditions are difficult due to the lack of screens and shadows at the shooting range. Fog, snowfall or bright sunlight reflected by the snow. Conditions can change completely from the moment of shooting up to the competition. We successfully counter environmental influences with a material mix of anodised aluminium and stainless steel.

Absolutely new is the detail of positioning a colour filter behind the snow flap so that it is firstly protected against snow, rain and fog and secondly can be switched off very easily. In position, the athlete can push out the filter with one finger. The polished glass colour filters have a diameter of 14 mm. They are therefore very easy to clean. It may be possible to avoid one or two penalty rounds by optimizing the target image