Sauer Bag mod. 3inOne

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3inOne - the new bag from Sauer The ...

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3inOne – the new bag from Sauer


The new sports bag 3inOne from Sauer Shooting-Sportswear has been optimally adapted to the requirements of sport shooters in terms of space, handling and robustness. Their dimensions are suitable to the specific dimensions of the shooting clothing. The shooting jacket and trousers can be stowed in the pocket with just one fold. In this way, they keep their strength and support for a long time. In addition, there is enough space for shoes, gloves, underwear, tools and whatever else the shooter needs to practice his sport. The special thing in which the 3inOne is different from most sports bags, it is multifunctionality.


The 3inOne has sturdy castors and a grip to pull like you know from suitcases.


Of course, it also has a conventional, centrally mounted carrying handle.


With its wide straps and the padded back, the 3inOne can be transported easily as a backpack.


Up to one meter of variable storage space.


Brand new is a separate, practical utensil (an additional pocket) that can be perfectly attached to the pull-out grip. It offers space for papers, reading, tools and all things that the shooter wants to have quickly.


Material: 100% hard-wearing nylon fabric

Color: black

Size: one size

Dimensions 3inOne: 90cm x 43cm x 26cm (HxWxD) (variable)

Dimensions Utensilo: 17cm x 24cm x 10cm (HxWxD)