Sauer Underwear mod. Thermo shirt with sleeves

Product number: 100125

Sauer's practical underwear is made o...

Weight: 0.4 kg

Sauer's practical underwear is made of Polartec, a modern, extremely breathable, body-hugging bi-elastic four-way stretch fabric. These garments are extremely comfortable to wear. With a thickness of 1.1 mm, the material complies with ISSF regulations. The fabric is double-layered (2.2 mm) at the elbows to provide padding in the prone and kneeling positions. The composition of this material minimises the risk of a throbbing pulse caused by the shooting sling in the kneeling and prone position. The Polartec fabric fits snugly, keeps the skin dry during physical exertion, is windproof and abrasion resistant.


The elbows of the shirt are double-layered to provide better padding. The inside elbows feature a thin stretch fabric to prevent material bunching. A continuous zipper makes it easy to put on the shirt. Women's and men's shirts are cut differently: the men's garment is straight, the women's is tapered. The men's shirts have a breast pocket with a zip fastener. Both the men's and the women's versions are longer at the back in order to keep the back covered when kneeling.


Material:       51% polyester, 38% polyamide, 11% Spandex


Model:       Thermal shirt, women’s

Item No.:       140D

Colour:       grey/black

Sizes:       XS, S, M, L, XL


Model:       Thermal shirt, men’s

Item No.:       140H

Colour:       grey/black

Sizes:       S, M, L, XL, XXL