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SE FrontSight holder RACE

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Front sight holder Race
The new designed front sight holder Race is an alternative to the traditional system. It has some new aiming characteristics. The new filigree design of the holder in connection with the free floating plastic front sight is very comfortable for the eye.

The free floating plastic front sight enables a better incidence of light, whereby you will get a higher optical sharpness, the target can be recognized faster and the sight picture will be clearer. The holder system has no disturbing front sight tunnel ring, which distracts the eye. The target image is detected fast and centered quickly.
With the second free floating plastic ring, called empty ring, you can easily control the centering of your rear sight. The empty ring relieves the eye and makes target acquisition easier. The empty ring is also available, as a separate accessory, with a black contrast ring.
Instead of the empty ring you also can use an optical lens or you leave it empty. 

Basic equipment:
- front sight holder
- hey-wrench
- without control ring
- with control ring
- with control ring with additional black insert ring
- hexagon key
- by one to fits on all rails in the middle


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